Sep 28, 2023

It's not just Russell Brand. Here are other toxic people Rumble is monetizing.

From left to right: Steve Bannon, Dan Bongino, Laura Loomer, and Andrew Tate.

Russell Brand, facing multiple assault and grooming accusations from women and girls as young as 16, was just demonetized on YouTube.

But a white knight is riding to his rescue: Rumble.

The self-described “free speech” alternative to YouTube says it will continue to run ads on Brand's channel. The platform's official brand safety policy is that they'll host anything unless it's illegal. That means companies will still see their ads dance across Rumble users’ screens right before the face of a man currently being investigated by U.K. police over sex assault allegations.

Where does Rumble get all these ads? Ironically … Google. Rumble receives a large majority of its ads from Google Ads. In fact, the platform is part of the Google Video Partners network, a small group of websites that get a chunk of every YouTube ad campaign. This allows Rumble to monetize the same figures who have been kicked off YouTube for brand safety violations.

Rumble’s decision to protect Brand — at the expense of brand safety — won’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the platform’s business model.

It has coughed up multi-million dollar deals for the likes of accused rapist and sex trafficker Andrew Tate. Rumble offered Joe Rogan a $100 million deal while he was facing massive public backlash for repeatedly using the n-word on his show.

Looking at these deals and offers, it’s clear that Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski isn’t just ignoring the brand safety of his advertisers — he’s actively seeking out toxic creators.

Here are other toxic channels Rumble monetizes:

Alex Jones

Andrew Tate

Dan Bongino

Laura Loomer

Steve Bannon’s War Room

BadLands Media

This is just a sampling of the kind of toxic content that’s popular on Rumble — content Google is making sure the platform can profit from despite deeming it too dangerous for YouTube.

Until Google gets its act together and drops Rumble's seller IDs, here’s how you can protect your own brand from Bongino’s island of toxic toys.

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