Oct 27, 2023

Hey, Check My Ads is 2 years old! 🎈🎈🎈

Claire Atkin and Nandini Jammi have photoshopped-on party hats with text that reads "Welcome to Check My Ads' Terrible Twos!

Hey, Check My Ads is 2 years old today! 🎈🎈🎈

Wow, it feels a little ominous to share our birthday with the anniversary of Elon Musk buying Twitter. But it also feels so right. We launched two years ago with a promise to rip the beating heart out of the disinformation economy. And well, has Elon turned a profit yet?

Check My Ads hasn’t been here for long, but because of you, our influence is outsized. The ad industry used to let their ads fly all over the place. But now they think twice. Three times, even.

Is it because they don’t want their brand tied to hate? Yes. Is it because they see you standing out here with us, watching the industry? Also yes.

Check My Ads is more than a watchdog. It’s a movement. Together, you and we are unmasking financial ties to lies.

You’re amazing for being here. Thank you so much!


Claire and Nandini

P.S. Our next Checkmates call is going to be completely different from usual, and we have a special guest coming. If you’re not a Checkmate yet β€” get with the program! It costs as little as $5/month.

We don’t care how much you put in for the cause. We care that you’re here with us. Thank you!

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