Jan 25, 2024

ACTION: Tell Google to stop making money with scammers

Hey folks,

On Jan. 24, we published a report on how Google enables scammers in search results to take your money and also turn a profit.

Now, we are writing directly to the Google executive responsible for this practice to get some answers. Join us in emailing Dan Taylor, vice president of global ads at Google.

Click here to open an email with everything pre-filled; just add your name to the bottom.

If it didn't work, or you'd like to do it manually, copy and paste the below to their respective fields and add your name at the end. Feel free to edit our text and make it your own!

TO: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Why do you want me to get scammed?

BODY: Hello Dan,

I read the article about Google running Shark Tank scam ads, and even profiting from them. I would like to request that you and your team review this case immediately.

Google’s advertiser policies say “we will pause your account immediately … if we suspect your ads violate our Google Ads policies, including misleading representation.”

Additionally, Google's polices specifically bar advertisers from:

It's clear that Google has not addressed this widespread scam despite the obvious harm to users and businesses alike. The Shark Tank keto scam is just one of many that flourish in your search results as Google profits. I’m concerned I could fall victim to a scam because of your negligence and desire to make a buck.

I'm unhappy to learn that scam ads are a widespread issue on Google Ads. Please let me know how you plan to proceed and what steps you will take to protect users like me.

Thank you,

[Your name]

Thanks for letting Google know this is unacceptable!


Claire & Nandini

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