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Why am I seeing this ad?

— Anyone who has ever used the internet

A podcast for everyone who has ever wondered how the #@&$ that ad is relevant.

Over the past decade, a $300B digital advertising industry has ballooned around a hard-coded belief: that we can serve the right ad to the right person at exactly the right time. The quest for serving us ever more “relevant” ads drives companies to track us, buy and sell data about us, and follow us everywhere we go.

Adtech props up the internet with the promise of precise, data-driven targeting — but how often do we actually see a relevant ad? Why do so many ads miss the mark, and what’s happening instead?

In this podcast, we’ll follow Claire and Nandini, two ordinary marketers, as they try to answer these questions, and along the way, discover that the unfulfilled promise of perfectly targeted adtech has actually fueled something entirely different: a booming disinformation war that’s breaking our society.

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